Bringing Families Together Again
July 10, 2010
9 years and 7 days since
our celebration.

Dear Family & Friends,

Unity Family Reunion 2 is over.
We came, we mingled, we danced, we performed, we played games, we shared stories, we renewed long lost friendships, we met new family members, we enjoyed time with each other, the younger generation bonded, we exchanged contact information and most of all, we started a tradition. There will be a Unity Family Reunion 3. 

This has been the goal of the Unity Family Reunion Committee; to bring all the families together, to be there for each other in good and tough times, provide support and guidance when asked, to begin a tradition that will be carried on for generations to come. 

On behalf of the Unity Family Reunion Committee thanks for attending, thanks for making Unity Family Reunion 2 as successful as the first. We look forward to your return along with more family members for Unity Family Reunion 3.

One Love,

The Committee.

PS: Please check the Photo Album for pictures from Unity Family Reunion 2.

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